School On Wheels

An architectural innovation that uses mobility, technology and innovation to bring education and literacy to the remotest areas and to the underprivileged children with comparatively lower costs. A favourable solution for Government, Private organisations and NGOs for the objective fulfilment.

An integrated approach towards improving the quality of education

Reduced operating cost

Zero dependence on

local Infrastructure

  • Use as Skill Development van: IT Skills/Soft Skills

  • NSDC promoted Skill courses

  • Career Counselling

  • Women and Self-Help Group Training

  • Promotion of new result-oriented farming techniques

  • VSAT-based live interaction anywhere in the country

  • Promotion of govt schemes to end beneficiary

  • Feedback of Govt scheme implementation

  • Crowdsourcing of groundbreaking ideas

  • Time and cost-saving, best interaction medium

Built on Tata 407 EX or similar Chassis


  • VSAT Based Virtual Classrooms for facilitating vocational training

  • Fully Foldable 15 Seat AC Classroom (13 Feet x 7 Feet)

  • P6 Outdoor LED Screen (3.07  Mtrs x 1.92 Mtrs)

  • Full HD Video playout capability

  • 200 W Speakers with Built-in Amplifiers

  • 200 W Crowd Facing LED Flash Lights