Our Virtual Classrooms and innovative EdTech solutions are helping organisations impart interactive, quality modern education to learning centres across the landscape.

Our services have been recognized by governments and private institutions in raising the learning levels amongst the targeted groups.


Edubeam - Virtual Classroom Solution

The Virtual Classroom Solution is a proven technology for immediate groundbreaking improvements in quality of learning, effective remote reach of education and so much more.

EduSmart Class Series

A range of technological solution starting from Interactive TV, Smart Pen among many to make a class magically interesting and interactive.

School On Wheel

SOW is a result of imaginative thinking wherein a bus, one gets all the latest teaching equipment to conduct classes anytime and anywhere.


Our LMS is an engine designed to efficiently run a learning institution. It helps to run a comprehensive module for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Multimedia Content

Our vast repository of engaging and interactive educational content that has been beautifully developed for the modern curriculum.


The latest technological solution for personalized and customized learning. A range of multimedia content sync with assessment helps in better learning.

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How does our technology compare?

Each of our solution has been designed based on the requirement and demand of education industry. We regularly discuss with the owners and bring innovations in our profile.

Complete Ecosystem

Our technology helps in implementing, assessing, monitoring and further upgrading with time.


A longer lifespan and fewer recurring costs make us pocket-friendly.

Impact on Learning

We help you in raising the learning graph, interactivity, engagement and thus the success ratio. 

For Every Need

Bundled or individual or enterprise, we have got all covered.


For your institution and every requirement, we have maintained flexibility in our approach. 

Satisfied Clients

Government or private institutions, we ensure your satisfaction across horizon.

Complete Support

A comprehensive and promising end-to-end support is our guarantee. 

Based in India

Located in the economic capital, Mumbai; we have served clients across the country.


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